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Provide your security deposit & get on your way to building credit.

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Funding Your OpenSky® Secured Visa® Card is Easy!

The fastest way to fund your security deposit is to use your debit card

— allowing us to immediately apply your deposit to your application.

Don't want to use a debit card?

Here are more ways to fund your OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card!

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Send a check or money order to the address below and be sure to include your Application #.

Secured Card Center

Depot 1373 75 Remittance Drive

Chicago, IL 60675-1371


Print your remit slip here, enter your Application ID* and include the remit slip with your check.

*Your Application # is included in your email from OpenSky® (

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Stop by your nearest Western Union® to complete your transfer.

You will receive an email after step 1 with instructions on where to go to fund your card. Follow the instructions on that email to fund your card.

  • Pay to: Capital Bank Secured Card
  • Code City: CAPSecuredCard MD
  • State: MD
  • Your Name
  • Your Application # *
  • Total Transfer Amount

*Your Application # is included in your email from OpenSky® (